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Vegantabs - the survival / emergency meal replacement

 Vegan tabs the ultimate vegan vegetarian 100% organic survival / emergency meal replacement for optimal health.

The world is seeing some incredible changes right now and we never know when we are going to need to be surviving with the least amount of food. The whole idea of people who are known as preppers used to be something that many would consider a little extreme and paranoid.

With that said, and due to the recent events we are facing, we are starting to realize that this is a possibility that could become a reality for many of us and we have to be prepared in case this happens.

The scenarios for a serious emergency situation are vast

Viral outbreaks, riots, anarchy, and chaos seem to be all around us in the last few months. We are seeing how things can quickly get out of hand even for the most prepared cities and governments. This is something that is starting to feel more like what would happen in a movie and not in real life, but now it’s real and it’s affecting all of us without discrimination.

Some people start to stack up on cans of food and all kinds of consumables that they can store for long periods of time. However, they are not taking many factors into account. There can be emergency situations that force you to leave your property and you are not going to be able to carry a large number of cans and other heavy food items on your backpack.

Vegantabs provide the ultimate survival food!

You want the best nutrients in the least amount of volume and one serving of the Vegantabs is enough to help you achieve the expected results. The protein that is packed in one service is enough to help you repair muscle and give you the fuel you need in order to stay energized in situations that call for quick reflexes and stamina.

The consumption of twelve of these small Vegantabs every day is more than enough to keep your body nourished with a total of 240 calories. This is the amount of caloric intake that is going to keep your body functioning properly and that is what you want during any kind of difficult situation.

The research and development process that went into the creation of these Vegantabs has been outstanding and meticulous. This allows for the creation of the ultimate nutritional balance that people expect to have when they are faced with a difficult situation.

Desperate situations called for extreme measures

Surviving in any kind of hostile situation requires that your senses are sharp and your body is agile. By using Vegantabs for your nourishment for several months, you will be able to conceal your food with ease. If you are carrying around large backpacks with food, you are much more likely to be attacked by other people who are running out of food supplies.

This may sound like an extreme scenario, but any kind of emergency situation will force people to engage in activities they would normally avoid. Stealing food and attacking others for food are just two things that many individuals are willing to do for survival. By carrying a compact food source, you are going to be traveling light and you won’t have to be dealing with the potential dangers of being confronted due to your food supply.

Another problem is that some people may not attack you, but they will ask for food and you don’t want to find yourself in a position to deny them any nourishment. Survival mode is a very harsh situation, and the less you put yourself in the position of having to protect your food, the better.

This could sound harsh to some people, but you need to think of yourself and your loved ones before you think of anyone else or anything else. When food supplies are low, you cannot afford to help others and give them your food items. This makes the Vegantabs an excellent choice that is going to help you avoid those situations.

Vegan is the way to go for emergencies

There are many benefits to a vegan diet, but in emergency situations, one of the most relevant and useful benefits is that you won’t be dealing with an upset stomach like you could by eating canned foods. Vegan diets are not only extremely healthy, but they are also easy on the stomach and this prevents any unwanted issues that you don’t want to be dealing with while you are in survival mode.

The most essential vitamins and minerals are also included in the tabs to guarantee optimal nutrition in a situation that requires a compact food solution. This ensures that all of the required nutrients you need are consumed on a daily basis.

 Vegan tabs the ultimate vegan vegetarian 100% organic survival / emergency meal replacement for optimal health.

Vegan Tabs provide:

  • All essential vitamins
  • All essential minerals
  • 35 grams of plant-based protein per serving
  • 5 different sources of quality protein
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Instantly ready
  • Quick absorption
  • A full stomach for longer periods of time
  • Port workout recovery
  • Hormone balance support
  • Clearer skin­­
  • Controlled appetite
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • A stronger immune system

So many benefits contained in an affordable product

The ability to control your appetite is very important in this kind of situation, but the ability to boost your immune system is definitely one of the most important and valuable aspects of the Vegantabs nutritional value. Getting sick and catching a flu virus while you are out during emergency situations is very dangerous.

Heavy exposure to the sun and raining can be harder to handle if your immune system is not in optimal shape. Not to mention the climate changes a night if you end up having to sleep outdoors.

An emergency meal that is 100% assimilated by the body!

Eating quality foods is more important than quantity. You could eat a room filled with all kinds of fast food and chips, and you are not going to get any nourishment. All you are getting is a full stomach due to the massively artificial foods you are consuming.

With Vegantabs, you are obtaining maximum nutritional value for a food item that is extremely small and easy on your stomach. The smaller the food quantities and the higher nutritional value, the better the nutrient will be assimilated by the body.  

By purchasing a good supply of Vegan Tabs, you can guarantee a great survival meal for several months without having to spend a fortune in supplies. Not only that, but you are going to be able to carry it around without any worries about dealing with too much weight or with any visible supplies. It’s a practical solution that also provides excellent quality.

The main concern for a large number of people is that they are going to feel hungry all the time by consuming these small tabs. Your body is going to need a few days to adapt to your new emergency diet, but you are never going to feel like your stomach is empty. The nourishment provided is more than enough for the brain not to send you signals requesting more food intake.


 Vegan tabs the ultimate vegan vegetarian 100% organic survival / emergency meal replacement for optimal health.

This is due to the complete set of nutrients that is given to your body in this process. The more you eat he Vegantabs, the more your body will adapt and eventually you will feel completely satisfied with the rations you take on a daily basis. The good news is that the quality of nourishment starts from day one and your body is never going to lack the required nutrients to function at optimal levels.

Vegantabs massive nutritional value comes from the following ingredients:

  • Fruit extracts including acerola fruit, grape seed, cocoa bean extract, apple powder, pomegranate, raspberry, pineapple, prune powder, and Papaya.
  • Green vegetables such as barley grass, ashwagandha root, beetroot, broccoli flower, green tea leaf, kale whole plant, carrot root, turmeric root, stevia leaf, wheatgrass, and blue green algae.
  • All essential vitamins including vitamins A, B1, B12, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, Cm D, E, K.
  • Essential minerals such as calcium, chromium, iodine, selenium, molybdenum, and zinc amongst others.

An excellent supplement regardless of the situation

Even if you are not in an emergency situation, you are going to find these tabs to be ideal as a supplement for your diet in smaller doses. This means that you can take this for a trip, for camping, and for any situation that could require an optimal nutritional source. The value of good nutrition is something that is important at all times. 

Final thoughts

Preparing for the worst-case scenario is always going to be an extremely powerful way to deal with any kind of unexpected situation. Keep in mind that one of the biggest concerns is the lack of portability in most food sources, but there is also a lack of nutritional value in many situations.

Vegantabs help you achieve the most reliable results in this kind of situation. They are going to keep you nourished and this is going to help you avoid the concern of proper nutrition while facing a serious emergency situation.